For the past 100-years we have been creating consumer cleaning/care products for furniture and kitchen appliances. We have countless satisfied customers throughout the world.

During our product development process, we have always emphasized efficiency, high-quality and an unwavering respect for the environment. Without compromise, all NORDICARE products are designed to have minimum impact upon the environment.

All products are manufactured in our modern facility at Ishøj, Denmark; just outside Copenhagen. Many of our products are often recommended by quality Scandinavian furniture manufacturers to maintain and preserve an ideal look and long life.


Our history dates to 1905, when a small chemical factory by the name of O-ZINO-OIL CO. was founded in Copenhagen.

In 1979 O-ZINO-OIL CO was acquired by NGL NORDIC A/S and has since been rebranded from ZINOLIN to NORDICARE.

Today NORDICARE is a part of the NGL Group, headquartered in Nyon, Switzerland with affiliated subsidiaries in France, Germany, USA, China and Singapore. Our collaboration and technology sharing platform with subsidiary companies strengthens our Research & Development expertise along with global distribution.

Since the acquisition in 1979, our business has expanded greatly as we are today serving customers in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.


In our Private Label Department, we have many loyal customers within several industries – such as; kitchen appliance stores, kitchen appliance manufacturers, DIY markets, furniture industry and granite industry.

The reason behind our success is of course; consistent high-quality products, outstanding customer service and we make it easy for our customers:

  • Selection of products
  • Selection of packaging
  • Designing of labels done either by you or our in-house Marketing Department
  • Prompt delivery of your order


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NGL NORDIC A/S is an approved manufacturer of ECOCERT certified products, therefore delivering products with documented minimum impact on the health of the end user and the environment.

We constantly survey for changes in legislation both locally and globally. Our Research and Development Department is continuously updated on changes in legislation which can have an impact on raw materials and components used in the production of NORDICARE products. Additionally, we have implemented a chemical management system with software to secure compliant classification and labeling of the NORDICARE products, and can prepare safety data sheets in many languages.

In order to secure maximum possible efficiency of our NORDICARE products, and to secure highest possible customer satisfaction, NGL NORDIC A/S has produced a Quality Control Handbook that entails the extensive control of every product leaving our production.

We are continuously checking our consumption of water, electricity and gas, as well as our discharge of waste water by sorting our waste in 6 different fractions to minimize our impact on the environment.