TEXTILE CLEANER is a fabric cleaning product with stain removing properties. It has an antistatic detergent added to prevent re-soiling of the treated surfaces. It removes most stains like; red wine, coffee, chocolate, fruit juice, blood, oil, ink and the like from carpets, furniture and clothing.



Cleaning: First, test the potential discoloration in a less visible location. Vacuum clean the surface thoroughly. Spray plenty of Textile cleaner on the actual area. Spray the entire surface from seam to seam to avoid shields and discoloration. Textile cleaner is self cleaning and just need vacuuming after drying.

Stain removal: Absorb as much liquid up as possible with a clean cloth. Spray Textile cleaner on the entire surface, and extra on the spot. Textile cleaner has a long working time against difficult spots (8-12 hours). Cover the area with plastic to keep the stain moist throughout the working time. Repeat treatment but allow the fabric to dry between each treatment.

Note: Do not use on textiles or microfibre labelled. Do not tolerate moisture.



Contains: <5% anionic surfactant, <5% oxygen-based bleach (hydrogen peroxide). Also contains: water and perfumes.

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children.



500 ml

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