WOOD SOAP natural used for protection and care of the beech, oak, ash, pine, maple, birch, and other untreated or soap treated wood species. The Wood Soap is ready for use.



Shake the bottle before use. If the wood is dirty, clean it, for example, with NORDICARE Multi Cleaner. Distribute an even layer of Wood soap naturel throughout the furniture. Always work in the tree’s direction. Let the soap sit for approx. 5-10 minutes and polish with a dry, clean lint-free cloth. When treating countertops, treatment on both sides is recommended. Excess soap after treatment, wipe away with a damp cloth.



Contains: <5% anionic surfactants. Also contains: water, titanium dioxide and benzisothiazole-3 (2h) -one.

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children.



250 and 500 ml

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